131 Hydration System

131 Method Workbook - $12.95

$12.95 $24.95

131 Method Workbook - $12.95
131 Method Workbook - $12.95 131 Method Workbook - $12.95 131 Method Workbook - $12.95 131 Method Workbook - $12.95

The 131 Workbook is a 208-page workbook and journal created to keep you accountable and motivated as you journey through the 131 Method. The workbook will help you stay dedicated, focused and on-track as you discover more about your body than ever before.

As you begin the 131 program, you'll start logging the specifics of your day on day one of the workbook. You can track the foods you test for insensitivities, as well as the eating habits you experience on a day-to-day. The repetition of logging leads to lasting changes. And you'll have extra space for jotting down notes and realizations too!


  • Each and every day, phase by phase, 131'ers can journal macros, hydration, mood, food, hunger, sleep, body stats and food sensitivities in a handy spiraled book.
  • In addition, within the workbook you'll receive motivational quotes, bullet lists from the program, grocery list templates, recipe bucket-list templates, meal plan templates, plus cheat sheet reference pages like ideal macro ranges and the goals for each phase.
  • The Workbook is small enough to fit in your purse, making it the perfect on-the-go-companion to the 131 Method.
  • The cover is made of a sturdy, pleather material, has a functional pen holder, and an attached elastic band to be used as a bookmark or to keep the workbook closed.